Birch Gold Group Endorsements

Pat Gray Birch Gold Group endorser
Pat Gray
Podcast Host
On BlazeTV, Pat Gray Unleashed delivers unapologetic analysis and sharp wit, injecting common sense. His style blends insightful commentary with an enjoyable touch.
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Daniel Horowitz Birch Gold Group endorser
Daniel Horowitz
American Defense Attorney
Daniel Horowitz, TheBlaze's senior editor & Conservative Review host, dissects pivotal issues, cutting through political half-truths.
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Chad Prather Birch Gold Group endorser
Chad Prather
Political Commentator and Comedian
Chad Prather, dubbed "the modern-day Will Rogers," gained fame for his viral video "Unapologetically Southern" in 2015.
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Steve Deace Birch Gold Group endorser
Steve Deace
Author and BlazeTV Host
Steve Deace, a Top 100 newscaster, brings a Christian, principled, and snarky conservative take on national politics.
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Kate Dalley Birch Gold Group endorser
Kate Dalley
Radio Host
Kate Dalley's show prioritizes truth. With a global audience, her 3-hour talk show features seven diverse co-hosts, each with a dedicated fan base.
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Chicks On The Right Birch Gold Group endorser
The Chicks On The Right
Amy Jo Clark and Miriam Weaver co-host The Chicks on the Right from Indianapolis. Their take on life, liberty, and common sense captivates a growing audience.
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Monica Crowley Show Birch Gold Group endorser
The Monica Crowley Show
The Monica Crowley Show is a sharp, lively mix of politics, culture, history, and humor, infused with Ronald Reagan's "Happy Warrior" spirit.
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John Bickley Birch Gold Group endorser
John Bickley
Host and Editor-In-Chief
John Bickley, Morning Wire co-host and The Daily Wire's editor-in-chief since July 2020, blends academia with creative journalism, offering a unique perspective.
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Alison Morrow Birch Gold Group endorser
Alison Morrow
Podcast Host
Alison Morrow won two Emmy awards as a broadcaster and worked in newsrooms all over the country, in uncontroversial straight-news outlets like the Seattle NBC affiliate K...
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