More Americans Fear They’ll Never Retire?

A recent Moneynews article cites a number of surveys and polls that suggest a growing number of Americans fear they will never retire. According to the “2011 Risks and Process of Retirement Survey Report” from the Society of Actuaries, that number stands at an astounding 35%.

A critical reason for this sentiment amongst those nearing retirement? They don’t believe their financial situation will allow them to live comfortably in retirement. Today, a mere 12% of those who haven’t yet retired believe they will do so by age 60.

There are certainly myriad reasons for the financial instability that those nearing retirement today are feeling, however a significant contributing factor surely must be the anemic returns that many of their retirement investments have provided in recent years. More often than not, retirement savings are linked to returns from traditional paper investments like stocks and mutual funds. But if returns from the market as a whole are any indication for how retirement investments have recently performed, then it’s easy to see why so many people nearing retirement age believe that actual retirement will never come.

From April 2001, the S&P has returned 23% and the Dow Jones has returned 33%.

Compare that to the returns those invested in a precious metals IRA – whether they were in gold or silver or both – would have seen in those same years. From April 2001, gold has returned 563% and silver has returned 647%.

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