Gold 401k – Know Your Options

As more Americans become wary about keeping their retirement money invested in the stock market, or putting any more faith in the U.S. dollar, many are now looking into gold 401k options.

Depending on your unique objectives, investing in gold could provide the security you’re looking for – but it’s important to do a little homework first. If you’ve already begun comparing your gold 401k options, you’ve probably discovered that most employer-sponsored 401k accounts do not offer the option of investing in gold. In fact, you are likely limited to only a handful of mutual funds and bonds.

However, if your 401k is held with a previous employer, you may be able to roll over the funds into a precious metal IRA – a government-approved retirement account backed by physical gold or a mix of precious metals.

A precious metal IRA typically gives you more investment options than a 401k, while offering the same tax benefits of a regular IRA and enabling you to stay on track toward your retirement goals.

Let’s take a closer look at some of your options.

What types of gold can I add to my retirement account?
A variety of physical gold can be placed in a precious metal IRA, provided it meets certain eligibility criteria for gold purity set by the Internal Revenue Service. The U.S.-minted American Gold Eagle coins (bullion and proof versions) remain some of the more popular options, but several other options exist, such as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and gold bars, among others.

Your Precious Metal IRA Specialist at Birch Gold Group can go over all your options and the unique advantages of each one.

Picture of gold coins and gold bullionCan I invest in anything else?
Yes – a precious metal IRA is a self-directed retirement account that gives you the flexibility to add a number of other assets. If you prefer to allocate your funds mostly to precious metals, you can diversify with silver, platinum or palladium. If you want to hold onto other non-metal investments, you have the option of adding an array of other assets, such as mutual funds, real estate and mortgages.

Where do I get a precious metal IRA?
Choosing an established precious metals company is essential. At Birch Gold Group, we specialize in gold-backed IRAs and can help you determine the right options for your retirement-planning goals.

Whether you are rolling over funds from a 401k, or opening your first retirement account, our knowledgeable specialists will walk you through the process and can even assist with the paperwork.

Call us today at (800) 355-2116 to learn more about your options for a gold 401k rollover and other precious metal investments for retirement.

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