Exclusive: Peter Schiff Says Gold in a “Reverse Bubble” – Don’t Wait to Buy

From Birch Gold Group

Too many financial advisers are still encouraging Americans to keep the majority of their savings in stocks and bonds. In this exclusive interview with Birch Gold Group, Peter Schiff says staying this course is a mistake – instead, people should focus their attention on gold. With concerns about various market bubbles, Schiff says gold is actually in a “reverse bubble” and that now is the perfect time to buy.

With gold still relatively under the radar and receiving little attention from the media, Schiff believes that right now is prime opportunity for people to get in. He tells Birch Gold that if Americans wait for the herd to buy, it will be too late.

For even more on Schiff’s comments to Birch Gold, including his opinions on both gold and silver, click here to watch the full, exclusive interview.

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