Exclusive: Steve Forbes Recommends Buying Gold for “When the Authorities Muck Up”

From Birch Gold Group

The economy is on a slippery slope, and for many Americans, that’s creating some uncertainty for the future of their savings. In an exclusive interview with Birch Gold Group, Steve Forbes acknowledges this fact, saying that we have “a tale of two economies” – with one portion of the country doing relatively well while the other sees no improvement. With Forbes even further concerned by the distortion created by the Fed and our nation’s ever-increasing debt, he tells Birch Gold that he believes it’s time for Americans to take action to protect their savings.

As a long-standing advocate for gold, Forbes considers the metal an insurance policy, saying, “you buy it and hope you never have to use it”, just to keep your savings safe for “when the authorities muck up”.

For even more on Forbes’ comments to Birch Gold, including what type of gold he advocates, click here to access the full, exclusive interview.

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