Your Precious Metals IRA options from Birch Gold

I enjoyed speaking with you earlier! We’re off to a good start. Please review the information in bullet points below – it’s very relevant to our conversation.

Below is a brief outline of the step-by-step process for converting your retirement savings to a Precious Metals IRA.

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  1. Birch Gold Group helps you transfer your retirement savings, tax deferred and without penalty
  2. Your funds go directly to the custodian you choose for your new Precious Metals IRA
  3. You decide how to allocate your funds into IRA-approved physical precious metals
  4. The precious metals portfolio you’ve chosen are purchased and then sent to the depository of your choice for safe, secure, insured and audited storage. (Three depository locations across the U.S. are available to select from – learn more about Delaware Depository here.)
  5. Your precious metals are inventoried, tested for purity and stored in an account under your name. No one claims or owns your precious metals but you.

Your Precious Metals IRA is subject to the same regulations as other IRA and 401k accounts. This means you may sell your metals for cash at any time. They are also available through an in-kind distribution.

Depending on your choice of custodian and depository, there is a set-up charge and annual fees. If you so choose, these fees can be paid from the funds being transferred. (For transfers over $50,000, your first year’s fees are waived entirely.) Here are example fees for one custodian, Equity Trust Company:

There are no fees associated with your account. Birch Gold Group makes money by acquiring large quantities of precious metals at wholesale prices and selling them to customers at retail prices.

You may be wondering if now is the right time to diversify with physical precious metals…

  • Since the turn of the century, the dollar’s purchasing power has declined severely.U.S. dollar purchasing power decline since January 2000A $100 bill printed on January 1, 2000 has lost nearly half its purchasing power over the last two decades. Just “saving money” is no longer enough to ensure your financial stability.
  • Based on historical records, once inflation goes above 8% (which it has), on average, it takes about 10 YEARS to subside below 3%
  • For these reasons among others: institutions, central banks and individuals continue to move into gold and silver in record numbers. Just last year, central banks worldwide bought more gold than any other year on record:

Globally, central banks have added to their gold reserves for 13 straight years. The World Gold Council polled central bankers and learned that they buy gold for many of the same reasons individuals do:

  • Performance during times of crisis
  • Long-term store of value/inflation hedge
  • No default risk
  • Effective portfolio diversifier

Birch Gold Group has worked very hard over the years to build the best reputation in the entire industry. Since 2003, we’ve helped over 21,000 families across the nation secure a portion of their savings with physical precious metals. We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and have countless glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

I believe this is definitely the best way to preserve and protect your assets from losing further value, while building true, lasting wealth at the same time. I look forward to assisting you.