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Gold IRA Accounts: If You Don’t Invest In Gold Now, You Could Regret It Later

Gold IRA Accounts: If You Don’t Invest In Gold Now, You Could Regret It Later

Senior Couple Talking With A Consultant Regarding Gold IRA Accounts.Gold IRA accounts are retirement plans backed by investments in gold or a mix of precious metals.

Essentially no different from a regular IRA, these plans enable you to invest in gold while gaining the tax benefits and other advantages that come with a government-approved retirement account.

An IRA backed by gold can be a great way to diversify your retirement savings, thus providing unique protection against the volatility of paper investments, such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds. Many investors also prefer gold IRAs for their growth potential and for the reason that gold can help hedge against inflation.

History shows that the gold holds its purchasing power while the dollar declines. One reason for this is that the Fed will often print more money in times of economic crises. Gold, however, is a finite resource that cannot be created on demand. This is why many Americans use gold as a way to preserve their wealth and purchasing power for the future. When combined with the many other benefits of a retirement account, gold IRAs simply make sense for many investors, of all ages.

Whether you are planning for decades away, or you are nearing retirement and want to avoid the risks of stocks, a gold-backed IRA could be a good match for your investing goals.



Why Consider Gold IRA Accounts This Year?

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One of the biggest regrets cited by all types of investors is not planning for retirement soon enough. Whether you’re looking only at gold IRA accounts, or a mix of several different options, most financial advisors stress the importance of opening a retirement account now, rather than delaying.

But why gold?

At the height of the Great Recession, many people watched their retirement accounts get eaten away by the plummeting stock market. Many who didn’t have well-diversified portfolios took a big hit. Years’ worth of gains were washed away in a very short period of time.

The aftermath of the stock market drop are still being felt, even as the market has steadily recovered in the years that followed. Many who had been planning to retire were forced to continue working to make up lost ground.

It’s no surprise that many advisors recommend gold IRA accounts as a way to help safeguard investors’ retirement savings from further stock market decline. While no one can predict the future, investors must act accordingly if they want to protect their assets from future volatility.

Similarly, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the global economy. Many of the economic factors that contributed to stock market decline, as well as the falling dollar, are still being questioned by analysts today. This is why so many people are making the decision to open a gold IRA, or convert their eligible 401Ks and IRAs into investments in gold.



Are Gold IRA Accounts Right For You?

Wise Couple Investing In Gold IRA Accounts With Laptop Sitting Down.To learn more about the benefits of gold IRA accounts (Wikipedia), contact the precious metals specialists at Birch Gold Group.

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