02Jul 2020
Fed against people

Since they’re selling their latest $429 million stimulus as being “broad” and “diverse”, you’d think that the Fed was finally looking out for the average Joe. But with just a little scrutiny, we see that, yet again, they’re bailing out “lumbering behemoths” while letting the rest of us hang in the wind. Here’s how the cards are further stacked against us.

30Jun 2020
bank risk

A critical component of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act is being rolled back and, once again, it disadvantages the “little guy”. Here’s what makes the repeal of the Volcker Rule so dangerous for almost all Americans.

26Jun 2020
dollar collapse

As the Fed has flushed the economy with stimulus since COVID-19 reached our shores, Americans have flooded banks with a record $2 trillion in new deposits. But while bolstering your savings may give you comfort, one former big banker is warning that this could be a signal that the dollar is going to fall “very, very sharply.” Here’s what has him so concerned.

19Jun 2020

As it skyrockets past $26 trillion – over $2.5 trillion in just 11 weeks – does Washington have any plan to ever reign in the federal debt? Here’s why there’s no easy way out in the near future – and potential catastrophe waiting behind every economic event that has a hiccup.

17Jun 2020
401k risk

In granting private equity funds access to 401(k) plans, the Department of Labor is allowing for “the highest cost, highest risk and most secretive investments ever devised by Wall Street.” Here’s how it could trickle down to you.

12Jun 2020
trash stock

Like few other times in history, speculative investors are pumping money into low-quality, virtually valueless (and literally bankrupt) stocks. Which begs the question, could we be on the precipice of an economic dumpster fire? We lay out all the danger signs here.