09Oct 2019
Trade talk

As the U.S. and China resume a new round of trade talks,’s Brandon Smith surveys the landscape and details the two possible scenarios for how this ends, suggesting, “The end of 2019 is about to get even more interesting.” Find out why here.

07Oct 2019
UBS Gold forecast

Known for being relatively conservative, Swiss bank UBS has just gone out on a line in support of gold prices, revising its bullish take even higher. Why does this one big bank hold out such high hopes for gold in the coming year? Find out here.

04Oct 2019
us dollar slides again

All good things must come to an end. And for the United States, it’s becoming increasingly evident that the dollar could soon lose its status as global reserve currency, with potentially devastating fallout for the economy. On the chance that the greenback loses its way sooner rather than later, here’s what you need to know to prepare.

03Oct 2019

As the bull market in stocks powers through its record-breaking eleventh year, pension funds still find themselves woefully underfunded, leaving them dangerously exposed to the inevitable correction in stocks. Now, some authorities are espousing a controversial plan to rescue the pensions when it will be necessary. But will it do more harm than good?

27Sep 2019
Fed Repo Operations

As liquidity issues continue to plague the markets, the Federal Reserve is doing everything in its power to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control. But with news coming this week that the Fed is considering a new, pseudo round of Quantitative Easing, we could soon see liquidity in the markets reach frightening levels. Here’s what it could mean for you.

23Sep 2019
The Three Factors that May Push Gold Even Higher

Forbes contributor Frank Holmes believes that gold prices could finish 2019 with a gain of nearly 30%, and cites three reasons behind his logic. Get the scoop on all three, plus two other stories on precious metals, in this week’s Your News to Know.