15 Oct 2021
We're Facing the Real Prospect of Another Lost Decade
Photo by Collis

Stagflation is a situation in which inflation is persistently high, overall economic growth is slow and unemployment rates stay high for an extended period. Today we take a close look at the economic indicators of stagflation, and it's not pretty…

04 Oct 2021
How Will Gold Price Perform During Stagflation?
Photo by Zlaťá

We're seeing a toxic brew of high inflation and slow economic growth develop, and the Fed seems ill-equipped to fix either. Let's consider how gold may perform in this economically-unhealthy environment…

29 Sep 2021
Every Good Retirement Plan Should Have These 5 Steps
Photo by krakenimages

Saving for retirement can be complicated, even intimidating. After all, the stakes are incredibly high (especially in this economy). Today, we're rounding up the top advice from financial planning and retirement experts in just 5 simple steps…

27 Sep 2021
China Gold Buying Surges on Evergrande Crisis
Image: Creative Commons CC BY-ND 2.0

With what looks to be significant economic turmoil, Chinese consumers are preparing for the worst. Premiums on physical gold are on the rise. Everyone wants a safe haven. Here's what that might mean for near-term gold prices…

22 Sep 2021
Congress Has Big Plans for Your Retirement Savings
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We finally have a draft of Biden's plan to fund his "Green New Deal," and it isn't pretty. Uncle Sam may turn into a “retirement robber baron” if Congressional Democrats get their way. Here's what they're planning…