Platinum Bars and Rounds

IRA Approved
Platinum is often considered a high-end investment in precious metals because, historically, it has a higher price than other metals. Minted by a variety privately-owned mints around the world, platinum bars are commonly sold in a number of sizes, such as five grams, one ounce and 10 ounces. They tend to be subject to very strict production guidelines, which for some people, makes them an alluring choice over other precious metals. Bars are usually produced with the producer’s corporate logo and individual serial number. Platinum rounds differentiate from other coins because they are minted by privately-owned mints. Like coins, they usually have an artistic design and are typically sold in a one ounce size. Any platinum bars or rounds that contain a fineness of at least 0.9995 are eligible for placement in a Precious Metals IRA.
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