Gold Twin Maples

IRA Approved

Own a little piece of what makes Canada so special with the Gold Twin Maples coin. This coin is an update on the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin and was first introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2017. This coin is made from 1/4 oz of 0.9999 pure gold and is sold exclusively at Birch Gold Group with unique security features and a reverse-proof finish.


  • Approved for placement in a Precious Metals IRA.
  • The gold coin features a beautiful reverse proof finish on a brilliant relief against a frosted background.
  • Contains two unique features for cutting-edge security in the coin field, which includes precise radial lines and a micro engraved laser maple leaf.
  • A striking addition to any portfolio of coins.
  • Has a unique 1/4 oz weight featuring a $10 CAD denomination.

Gold Twin Maples FAQs

What is a Gold Twin Maples coin?

The Gold Twin Maples coin is an updated version of the Gold Maple Leaf coin, which spawned the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, as well as a palladium version of the coin. This maple leaf coin features a pair of twin maple leaves on one side and the face of Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. The Royal Canadian Mint first introduced this coin in 2017, and the gold Canadian Twin Maples has been a popular coin for investors ever since. The fixed-mintage coin, which features a reverse proof finish, brings together the commemorative and bullion coin programs of the Mint. It can truly be a great addition for many savings portfolios.

Who designed the Gold Twin Maples coin?

Just like its predecessor, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the obverse of the Gold Twin Maples coin features Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse pays tribute to the maple leaf, which many people around the world associate with Canada and its people. Designed by Celia Godkin, a member of the Southern Ontario Nature and Science Illustrators, this particular coin features a type of maple that is native to Canada, the sugar maple (Acer saccharum).

How can I buy a Gold Twin Maples coin?

The 1/4 oz Gold Twin Maples coin was introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint back in 2017 and is sold exclusively at Birch Gold Group. Through us, you can purchase a fixed-mintage Royal Canadian Mint Gold Twin Maples coin to help diversify your investment portfolio. At Birch Gold Group, you can find authentic Gold Twin Maples that contain two unique security features in the coin field, including a micro-engraved laser maple leaf and precise radial lines. Whether you’re looking to invest in a Gold Twin Maples coin or a Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf, contact Birch Gold Group today.

Are Gold Twin Maples coins a good investment?

Coins that were proofed by the Royal Canadian Mint, such as the Gold Twin Maples or Gold Gyrfalcon coins, can be a good investment that can be used to protect your savings. The Gold Twin Maples coin has a face value of $10, so it also carries some inherent value and is also made of 1/4 oz of 0.9999 gold. Gold has often been proven to be a steady long-term investment option, as it can retain its value over time. At Birch Gold Group, we have a great selection of Royal Canadian Minted coins, such as the Gold Twin Maples and Silver Gyrfalcon coins.

Can a Gold Twin Maples coin be added to a precious metals IRA?

A great way you can protect your current savings is by opening up a precious metals IRA. Gold Twin Maples coins can be added to a precious metals IRA and can help hedge against inflation, retain value during economic hardships, and perform well even when there are fluctuations from other investments. At Birch Gold Group, our Precious Metals Specialists can help you open up your account and provide information on the various precious metals you can start investing in.

Please note, Birch Gold’s selection of products rotates over time. To learn more about Gold Twin Maple coins, their availability and current pricing, please call us at (800) 355-2116.


Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
Weight: 1/4 oz (7.7 g)
Composition: 99.99% pure gold
Diameter: 20 mm
Face value: 10 dollar (CAN)
Finish: Reverse Proof
Edge: Serrated
Artist: Celia Godkin