IRA Approved

Meet the Goldback – the world’s first physical, interchangeable, self-backing gold money that’s suitable for even small transactions.

What are Goldbacks?

Goldbacks are self-backing, intrinsically-valuable real gold notes that combine the utility of banknotes (convenient, easy to carry and use) and the value of gold coins.

Valaurum, the manufacturer of Goldbacks, developed the patented, proprietary technology necessary to create Goldbacks. Each Goldback note contains a precise, micro-thin layer of 24 karat gold protected by layers of durable polymer. This technology is used to create a way to physically own gold that is flexible, durable and easy to store.

Every Goldback is denominated in fractions of 1/1000th oz of gold – in other words, in transaction-friendly weights. Goldbacks come in weights of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 thousandths of an ounce (which means that just two 50 Goldback notes contain the same amount of gold as a 1/10th oz American gold eagle).

To date, four separate series of Goldbacks exist: Nevada, New Hampshire, Utah, Wyoming. Each series contains the five denominations listed above – meaning there are 20 different Goldback designs.

Regarding those 20 different designs – Goldbacks are beautiful… Each of the four states has its own theme, and each Goldback in the series has its own unique, old-fashioned design featuring a symbolic representation of a virtue. For example, the Wyoming Goldback series (the most recent) features the virtues Reverentia (reverence or respect), Audentia (boldness or fearlessness), Fiducia (trust), Fideletas (loyalty) and Libertas (liberty).

Are Goldbacks legal?

Yes – Goldbacks are a form of gold bullion that’s legal to own, just as American gold eagles or gold bullion bars are legal to own. Even though this is an innovative product incorporating revolutionary new technology, Goldbacks are still a form of physical gold that our Founding Fathers would instantly recognize.

Are Goldbacks eligible for a Precious Metals IRA?

Goldbacks meet eligibility requirements to be placed within a Gold IRA. Please note, at this time, they are not currently available in a Precious Metals IRA from Birch Gold Group.

Please note, Birch Gold’s selection of products rotates over time. To learn more about Goldbacks, their availability and current pricing, please call us at (800) 355-2116.


Introducing the Goldback

Goldback details

Composition: 0.999 pure gold layered between protective polymer sheets


  • Individually serialized
  • Micro-printed security features incorporated into design (the same advanced, multi-layered security elements found in paper currencies and government security documents)


  • Nevada, New Hampshire, Utah, Wyoming
  • (Five denominations available for each state)


  • 1 Goldback (1/1000 oz) – 65 x 118 mm
  • 5 Goldback (5/1000 or 1/200 oz) – 65 x 130 mm
  • 10 Goldback (10/1000 or 1/100 oz) – 65 x 142.5  mm
  • 25 Goldback (25/1000 or 1/80 oz) – 65 x 156 mm (almost identical to a dollar bill’s size)
  • 50 Goldback (50/1000 or 1/20 oz) – 75 x 178.5