Gold Numismatic Coins

Sometimes, a piece of gold is elevated above its peers, whether due to its exceptional design, its history, or its rarity. These are numismatic coins, and they hold a special place in  collections around the world.

We offer several numismatic coins for your consideration, such as the Indian Head Gold Coin, which were in production only between 1908 and 1933, or the Liberty Head Double Eagle, which was minted until 1907.

Don’t miss your opportunity to own a rare piece of history – call us today and secure these choice beauties before they disappear into the vaults of collectors forever.

Liberty Head (Coronet Head) collection
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Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Gold Coin ($20)
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Gold Numismatic Coins Frequently Asked Questions:

What are numismatic gold coins?

Numismatic coins are those that hold additional value beyond the market price of gold, typically due to rarity. Highly prized by collectors, these coins may be part of limited runs and are generally no longer in production.

Are numismatic gold coins worth it?

A single numismatic coin can be worth millions of dollars, well beyond the value of its gold content. While it’s true that most coins won’t attain that level of value, it illustrates that collectors can and will pay significantly more for rare coins in the right circumstances.

Are numismatic coins going up in value?

The simple answer is yes, although how much they’re increasing in value depends on the type of coin. The reason they’re going up is due to numismatic coins no longer being in production. The longer they’re not in production, the rarer the coins become, leading to a gradual increase in value as collectors work to acquire them.