If there’s a way to invest in the advancement of technology in the form of precious metals, it’s palladium. The one-of-a-kind metal has become a favorite among some investors for its role in industrial applications – particularly catalytic converters in the automobile industry – and its earning new interest for its application in hydrogen fuel cells and solar panels.

The value of palladium has quadrupled since the 1980s, and, while we aren’t quite living in the Jetsons future of flying cars quite yet, palladium is the metal that could help get us there.

Of course, if you prefer to keep your feet on the ground and avoid futuristic speculation with your investments, palladium is a steady winner for its role in everything from jewelry to dental fillings.

Here at Birch Gold, you can buy palladium coins such as the American Palladium Eagle and the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf, or palladium bars and rounds.

American Palladium Eagle
The American Palladium Eagle is the official palladium bullion coin of the U.S. Due to its relatively low mintages compared...
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Each of the precious metals we sell at Birch Gold Group has its own pros and cons to investors, and palladium is no different. If you’d like to ask specific questions about buying palladium, give us a call today at (800) 355-2116 and our precious metal experts will assist you.

What is 1 oz of palladium worth?

The value of palladium changes constantly as the market fluctuates up and down throughout any given day. To check the price of palladium right now, take a look at the scrolling header at the top of our page ("Palladium" will be by any moment). Or, give us a call at (800) 355-2116 and we can talk about the "spot" price (or market value) of palladium along with a general idea of its price to purchase today. Do remember, though, that spot price doesn’t reflect fabrication, transportation or insurance costs – it’s more of a useful guide than anything else.

How to buy palladium?

You’ve come to the right place to buy palladium. At Birch Gold Group, we sell precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium at competitive prices. All of our products are the highest quality available on the market, meaning you’ll know you’re getting palladium coins and bullion bars that meet IRS guidelines for inclusion in a precious metals IRA. Call us at (800) 355-2116 when you’re ready to buy palladium and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Is it a good idea to buy palladium?

Palladium is one of the most sought-after precious metals by manufacturers owing to its high durability, hardness, and ability to catalyze quickly. Those features of palladium won’t be changing any time soon, and neither will industrial demand for it. As an investment choice, palladium is becoming increasingly popular – and, like other tangible investments, palladium isn’t something the Federal Reserve can just print more of…