Silver Britannia Coins

Facts at a Glance

  • Silver Britannia coins, launched in 1997 as a counterpart to gold Britannias, became popular due to the rising price of gold.
  • Britannia, like Lady Liberty in the U.S., symbolizes and personifies the United Kingdom (or Great Britain), with her name derived from the Latin name for the British Isles.
  • Silver Britannias feature the traditional design created by artist Philip Nathan, portraying Britannia standing on a precipice with a trident in her right hand and an olive branch and shield bearing the Union Jack in her left.
  • The coins have anti-counterfeiting features, including a guilloche pattern of waves, micro-engraved inscription, and a holographic circle displaying a trident or padlock depending on the angle of view.
  • Silver Britannias are released annually with unlimited mintage and are popular among collectors, making them highly liquid. Birch Gold Group offers Precious Metals IRA-eligible silver Britannias minted in 2013 or later.


After their 1987 launch, British Britannia gold coins became one of the most widely-recognized gold bullion coins in the world. As the price of gold rose over the years and gold Britannias became rapidly less affordable, in 1997, UK’s Royal Mint launched a counterpart: the silver Britannia. Every 1 oz Britannia silver coin offers evidence of the Royal Mint’s eleven centuries of skill and craftsmanship…

Britannia is to the United Kingdom (or Great Britain) as Lady Liberty is to the U.S. She’s both the symbol and the personification of the nation. Her name comes from the old Latin name for the British Isles. Britannia first appeared on gold and silver coins in 143 AD. As you’d expect, her appearance has changed quite a bit over the centuries.

Silver Britannia coins feature the traditional or “classic” Britannia design created by the celebrated artist Philip Nathan in 1987. (You’ll find the same design on Britannia gold bullion coins.) Britannia stands on a precipice, hair and gown wind-whipped and alive. She gazes over her right shoulder, watching the sea for returning ships or an invading navy. Her right hand bears a three-pronged trident; her left grasps both an olive branch and an oval shield bearing the Union Jack.It’s a lively and engaging design, and the incorporated anti-counterfeiting features make it even better.

The background (or “field”) of the reverse has a guilloche pattern of waves which come to life in bright light (note this is very difficult to see in the photographs). The reverse’s inner ring includes a micro-engraved inscription, Decus et Tutamen, Latin for “An ornament and a safeguard.” On the lower left, a small holographic circle displays a trident or a padlock depending on the angle of view. Finally, laser-engraved tincture lines (heraldic indications of color) decorate Britannia’s Union Jack shield.

Silver Britannia coins are an unlimited mintage series released annually by the Royal Mint of England. Thanks to their integrated anti-counterfeiting features, their decades-long mintage history and their popularity, silver Britannias enjoy a very deep and liquid market. Birch Gold Group deals exclusively in Precious Metals IRA-eligible silver Britannia coins minted 2013 or later.

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Mint dates: 1997-present

Designer: Obverse varies: 1985-1997 Raphael Maklouf; 1998-2014: Ian Rank-Broadley; 2015-2023: Jody Clark or Martin Jennings. Reverse: Philip Nathan.

Composition: 2013 – Present: 0.999 pure silver. 1997 – 2012: 0.958 pure silver (not IRA-eligible).

Diameter: 38.6 mm; 3 mm thickness

Security features: Background surface animation, latent imaging technology, micro-text inscription, laser-engraved tincture lines.


Please note, Birch Gold’s selection of products rotates over time. To learn more about British Britannia silver bullion coins, their availability and current pricing, please call us at (800) 355-2116.

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