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Gold Resources

Gold Resources

As the dollar continues to decline in value, more and more Americans are turning their attention to investing in hard assets such as gold. Unlike the dollar, the supply of gold and other precious metals can’t be artificially inflated on a government’s whim, thus making the metal a solid hedge against the Federal Reserve’s loose monetary policies. Investors are also attracted to an investment in gold for the simple reason that it offers a way to further diversify their savings portfolio. True diversity doesn’t simply include a mix of “paper assets” like stocks, bonds and mutual funds; true diversity also includes hard, tangible assets like gold.

There are of course many other reasons to invest in gold – and even more considerations to take into account when making a purchase. Do you want to take physical possession of the metals, or perhaps open a gold-backed IRA? What type of gold should you purchase? What’s the difference between bullion coins and proof coins? And what questions should you ask a gold dealer when considering who to work with?

To learn the answers to all your questions about gold investments, read the articles below. And when you’re ready to make your purchase, our qualified Gold Specialists are ready to help. Give us a call at (800)355-2116.

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