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Reviewing the pros and cons of a gold IRA vs. an IRA in other assets

On the fence about investing in gold for retirement? When searching online for gold IRA reviews, you’re bound to encounter many strong opinions. There’s a lot of buzz about Precious Metals IRAs these days, and you want to be sure you’re making the right decision for your financial goals.

By doing your due diligence and researching different options carefully, you’re already on the right path. After all, you want to have confidence and peace of mind about your retirement plans, right? So, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of gold IRAs that are commonly listed in gold IRA reviews from analysts and retirement savers like yourself.


  • Gold Coin - Ancient GreeceGold has been a store of wealth for centuries
    As a precious metal, gold has an inherent value and growth potential that is unique from virtually every other asset type. Many investors choose gold because they’re looking to add stability to their retirement portfolios. These investors would much rather invest in something that has been proven for generations, rather than, for example, a mutual fund made up of stocks of companies that were only founded a few years ago.

  • Gold IRAs hedge against the declining dollar
    Let us say you manage to weather the storm of investing in risky assets and build an impressive retirement portfolio. The problem is, if the dollar continues to collapse as many predict it will, your money will ultimately be worth a lot less when you start withdrawing. Inflation will have diminished your buying power tremendously. Meanwhile, gold is considered a hedge against inflation because its value tends to increase as bad monetary policies destroy the dollar. In gold IRA reviews, many state that this wealth preservation is a key advantage of having a gold IRA.

  • Gold diversifies portfolios and protects against stock market volatility
    IRAs that are heavy with paper assets, like stocks and mutual funds, will always be exposed to the volatility of the stock market. In times of economic turmoil, this volatility can be extreme – erasing years’ worth of gains in just a matter of days and delaying your retirement indefinitely. Having a gold IRA can provide some peace of mind that you are avoiding this stressful roller coaster ride altogether – or at the very least, diversifying your portfolio enough to minimize the losses when other assets plummet. Which brings us to the next advantage of gold IRAs.

  • Gold IRAs are not limited to gold
    Gold IRAs are attractive to many different investors because they’re not limited to just gold. You can add a wide variety of other assets, including other precious metals, like silver, platinum and palladium, or stocks, mortgages and real estate, just to name a few. You can diversify however you choose to meet your specific goals.


  • Overnight riches are highly unlikely
    Although gold saw historic gains over the last decade, let’s face it – you don’t invest in gold with the idea that it’s going to make you rich. You invest in gold to protect the wealth you already have. If you’re looking for the fast, furious gains from the hottest new tech stocks, then perhaps a gold IRA isn’t for you (although, theoretically, you could hold both in a gold IRA).

  • Gold must be kept under the management of your IRA custodian
    Although your IRA custodian secures your gold and protects it from loss, damage and theft, some people don’t like the idea of putting their gold in anyone else’s hands – they’d rather keep it in their own safe at home. Since gold must remain under the management of the custodian, some gold investors view this as a disadvantage of a gold IRA.

  • No dividends
    Unlike some stocks and mutual funds, gold does not offer dividends no matter what gains you experience. If for some reason you prefer to invest only in assets from which you can earn dividends, then gold might not be the right fit for you.

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