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Two Gold American Eagle coinsDear Birch Gold Group,

I plan to add some American Eagle gold coins to my IRA, but I’m confused about the difference between the bullion and proof coins. What type of Gold American Eagle coins are best to put into a Gold IRA and why?

Jeffrey Bell

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for the great question. Many of our customers ask us about American Eagle Gold coins and want to know which is better: the bullion or proof version.

The simple answer is: there is no universal best. Some retirement savers prefer the bullion coin; some prefer the proof; and some add both to their Gold IRA – it all depends on each person’s goals. Although both coins share the same design, size, denominations and even the same gold content (both are 22 carat, 91.67% pure gold), there are some important differences between the two that may factor into your decision.

Let’s go over some of these differences to help you determine which might be the right fit for you.

  • Bullion
    Like all forms of bullion, American Gold Eagle bullion coins get their value almost entirely from their gold content and weight. Market forces are the sole factor that determines their value at any given time. This makes them an attractive option for some retirement savers who are looking for an extremely liquid asset whose value isn’t influenced by other factors that affect proof coins.

  • Proof
    The American Eagle Proof gold coin is special in that it displays the meticulous minting for which the U.S. Mint has become known. It’s manufactured with the highest production standards in limited quantities each year, and the presentation is immaculate. As such, proof coins are valued not only by their gold content and weight, but also by their scarcity. They are the only such coin approved for placement in a Gold IRA, which is what makes them attractive to some retirement savers.

As you can see, there are unique benefits to both options, so it’s a matter of determining what you’re looking for in a gold investment and how it will meet your specific retirement objectives.

If you’re not sure which is right for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call. One of our Precious Metal IRA Specialists will be happy to go over your options in greater detail and discuss what may be right for your particular circumstances.

Thanks again for the question, Jeffrey!

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