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While it only directly affects teachers in one state, Texas House Bill 2820 sheds light on some of the retirement industry’s sneaky tactics to chisel away at your nest egg. Worse yet, it’s currently happening within the 401(k)’s of millions of Americans. See how you can take control of your retirement here.

Federal legislators are on the hunt for new revenue to offset their planned tax cuts, and some recent reports indicate that they might ransack 401(k) benefits to get it. If Congress gets its way, tax-advantaged retirement accounts could be in for a serious haircut.

Today our Gold Guru explains the options you have when you want to buy physical precious metals. Each of the options has its advantages, so find out more here. And if you have a question for our Gold Guru, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at goldguru@www.birchgold.com

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