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In September, the Fed tried to spin a convenient story for the ongoing repo crisis, blaming it on quarterly tax payments. With a new report from the Bank of International Settlements, the Fed’s “line” has been exposed, and with it comes revelations of the dire state of the market. Here’s why one analyst claims this is “quite similar to 2008.”

Big banks have been urging Congress to roll back post-2008 regulations, claiming the new rules hamper their ability to lend. But the Vice Chairman of FDIC recently revealed the real culprit, and it’s greedier than expected.

This year’s annual, big bank “stress tests” by the Federal Reserve is coming to an end, but there’s talk that the Fed could be loosening the rules in the future. This may make it easier for banks to pass, but could potentially puts Americans at risk.

As Ukraine’s economy continues to struggle, with a currency that is now virtually worthless, we question if the U.S. is dangerously close to following in the same footsteps as the country formerly part of the Soviet Union. Read further here.