27 Sep 2021
China Gold Buying Surges on Evergrande Crisis
Image: Creative Commons CC BY-ND 2.0

With what looks to be significant economic turmoil, Chinese consumers are preparing for the worst. Premiums on physical gold are on the rise. Everyone wants a safe haven. Here's what that might mean for near-term gold prices…

21 Feb 2020
chinese currency over dollar

As it readies to introduce a central bank digital currency, China can soon gain unprecedented control over its citizens. Yet for Americans, there's still cause for concern. Could this new currency be part of Beijing's longstanding ambition to dethrone the dollar as global reserve currency? Here's what's at stake.

02 Feb 2014

Seeking to follow up on his spectacular efforts to fix your healthcare, Obama now wants to fix your retirement. Last Tuesday’s announcement during the State of the Union address should worry any American who cares about the Constitution, about checks and balances, about the free market… and about financial freedom. Why is this new plan... View Article

04 Nov 2012

With the presidential election just a few days away, the latest jobs report showed that more jobs than expected entered the economy in October, pushing gold to close at $1685. But even with this drop, the yellow metal continues to average unprecedented highs. Silver, however, is looking like a steal, with global markets bullish on the white metal. Superstorm Sandy's…

01 Jun 2018
economic blind spot to affect gold

Recent trade sanctions against Iran might be the last straw for countries who’ve tolerated U.S. protectionist policies that maintain the dollar’s dominance as central reserve currency. Here are the potential consequences to follow.