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If you take just moment to consider the staggering $255 trillion of global debt today – about 330% of global GDP – it’s easy to understand why Rickards says we’re on the “knife edge of a debt crisis.” Worse yet, here’s the tiny “trigger” that he thinks could ignite the entire mess.

With Social Security’s future in question, and with the federal debt soaring – increasing over $1 trillion in just the past three months – Congress is proposing a solution that could kill the two birds with one stone. But might their “fix” do more harm than good? Here’s how it could all backfire.

Over the last few decades, the skyrocketing federal debt has increasingly become a concern for U.S. politicians and citizens alike. But with the debt jumping $1 trillion in just the last 3 months, it’s putting the dire state of the economy into laser sharp focus. If our representatives can’t reign in the problem soon, what will come of the nation? Find out here.