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Once a week every week, Your News to Know offers you newsworthy critical reads about the economy and the gold market. Stories this week include: Jim Rickards says central banks buy gold to get ready for the collapse of the dollar, Peter Schiff says a “smart” Putin would rather sell his dollars and take advantage of the current gold prices, and could this move by India further boost gold prices? Read the full report here.

As Switzerland prepares to vote on a referendum this month to decide whether the Swiss National Bank should hold 20 percent of its reserves in gold, gold bulls have flagged the vote as stimulating for the precious metal’s price while economists and policy makers have warned that a “Yes” would have bad consequences for the Swiss economy. See why the Swiss people what their gold back.

Is the economy addicted to stimulus? How can we protect ourselves from government policies and market volatility with gold? The Federal Reserve is preparing to end its third round of bond buying next week. In this edition of the Market Report, Precious Metal Specialists Will Hart and Jake Kennedy discuss Quantitative Easing, inflation, dollar devaluation, and gold as a safe haven asset. Listen to the full report here.