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It was a bad October start for the stock market Wednesday. The Dow plunged nearly 240 points as mixed economic data and geopolitical tensions spooked investors. Is this yet another October swoon, or worse yet, another in a long line of outright crashes that have repeated throughout history? Get all the facts here.

As the European Central Bank continues its loose monetary policies, the Swiss are getting nervous. For a nation with such a distinguished and proud history in banking, privacy and respect for gold, it seems like they can no longer idly watch the ECB print money. Now, what they’re considering doing may not only put them back on the path towards fiscal responsibility, but it could have huge implications for the entire gold market. Find out here what they have up their sleeve.

The House of Representatives passed a legislation Wednesday to audit the Federal Reserve. Passed 333-92 in a bipartisan vote, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act would provide a level of transparency into the workings of our central bank that many have been demanding for years. And why shouldn’t we ask for more transparency? It’s our savings on the line. See all the details here.

As the U.S. economy continues to struggle, as the average American cannot make ends meet, our own central bank refuses to take responsibility for our woeful state. And now, you’re not going to believe who their latest scapegoat is! Find out here.

Every week, we bring you the top 3 stories about gold, precious metals, and the economy. In this edition of Your News to Know, gold demand in Asia picks up as wedding season in India approach, Scotland may claim a chunk of the UK’s gold reserves and Steve Forbes launches a campaign to get the Fed clean up its act. See all the details here.

This past July, former Congressman Ron Paul said gold could go to infinity. Is that really possible?! In a special contribution to Birch Gold Group, Keith Weiner explains the thought process, and how it all ties back to the continued decline of the dollar. Get the full explanation here.

As the Federal Reserve winds down its symposium at Jackson Hole, what can we learn? For one, it’s clear that Janet Yellen is trying her best to inspire confidence by throwing us the proverbial bone by *saying* all the right things… but so far she hasn’t proven she will *act* on her words. Do you believe in what Yellen is selling us? It’s your choice; but what you believe must inform how you make your own decisions for your future. We lay out your choices here — the options can’t be more black and white.

Yet another sobering study shows that one-third of Americans aren’t saving for retirement. Do we only have ourselves to blame? Maybe. But if you take a look at the Fed’s actions, it’s clear that Janet Yellen and Co. doesn’t WANT you to save! We reveal some of the forces working against your savings goals, and one way to circumvent them. If you want to save more for retirement, you’ve got to read this.