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China has gone dark on its gold reporting — for over 5 years, the nation has refused to update the official numbers for its reserves. Why the secrecy? What is China waiting for? As they lay in the weeds, what plans may they have in mind? Get some insight into China’s motivations right here.

As Russia faces more economic sanctions from the Obama administration, Vladimir Putin isn’t ceding the fight. Instead, he’s retaliating and has essentially declared “all out financial war” against the U.S. How might that impact our economy and the dollar? In this week’s Market Report, Vince Miller answers these questions for you and lets you know how gold can help you prepare as our currency is further devalued.

Yet again the stock market showed us some extreme wobbles last week. On Wednesday, we saw a rally on the news that the Federal Reserve Board unanimously approved a more open-ended policy towards low interest rates and accommodative maneuvers. Previously, the Fed had certain benchmarks and targets that would trigger rate increases and tightening – […]