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All monetary policy decisions weigh heavily on the Fed’s ability to monitor and manage it effectively. But lately we’re seeing the Fed pushing forward with plans to tighten monetary policy despite continual mispredictions regarding core economic indicators. Here’s why that should concern most Americans.

After climbing to its one-year high, multiple analysts expect gold to continue past the recently-breached $1,350 mark. See why they’re saying the metal could continue to extend its gains in this week’s News to Know.

Gold is winning new fans after going past $1,300 an ounce on the back of U.S. economic woes. See why gold could remain an attractive prospect and rise higher in this week’s News to Know.

The only other time in U.S. economic history we’ve seen consumer debt activity like today’s was right before a debt-fueled bubble collapsed the entire economy. There’s a new debt bubble that’s rising at an alarming rate, and when it pops, it could touch every American’s pocket book.