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2019 has been an excellent year for gold prices, despite the recent pullback. In a recent report, analysts from TD Securities outline why they believe any further dips could mark fantastic buying opportunities, especially heading into a year that they view as being quite favorable for gold. Here’s why they believe prices will reach $1,650.

While the past six months have been positive for precious metals across the board, gold has been a particular standout. However, one analyst believes that silver is poised for its own growth spurt in the near future. Find out why here.

Even though the stock market continues its impressive 11-year bull run, the price of gold has proven to be extremely resilient this year, as more and more people are hedging their savings with precious metals. Here’s what one analyst makes of this unusual coincidence of events, and where he thinks gold prices are heading.

In anticipation of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate cuts last week, several analysts at big banks are pronouncing increasing reasons to believe gold will continue to increase in price. And, while the rate cuts play a part in their thinking, they cite some other, critical factors at play. Find out what they are here.

After experiencing strong growth to start 2019, gold prices have flattened over the past few months. While some are starting to question if prices could soon decline, strategist Joe Foster sees plenty of reason for optimism – not just to maintain these levels, but to continue increasing. Find out why here.

Known for being relatively conservative, Swiss bank UBS has just gone out on a line in support of gold prices, revising its bullish take even higher. Why does this one big bank hold out such high hopes for gold in the coming year? Find out here.