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A surprise move by the Swiss National Bank has shocked the financial markets, and caused gold prices to increase. PLUS: Global gold demand is expected to increase 15% in 2015, and one esteemed gold broker offers his take on the future for gold and silver. Read it all here.

Imagine if your bank began to charge you for the “privilege” of depositing your money with them. Would you still keep your cash in your account? This may sound like a surprising question to pose (and a no-brainer to answer) but the reality is that we may soon need to consider just that scenario. Find out the advice that big banks are starting to offer to some of their largest clients, and the changes that could soon be in store for all of us.

Every week we bring you relevant news concerning the precious metals market and the overall economy. For this week’s news, gold defies financial forecasts and continues to rise in price. Gold experts from across the globe are convening to reform the gold-pricing benchmark to achieve transparency. Finally, gold expert Jeff Nichols projects a positive future for gold. Here are this week’s headlines.

Last week it was inevitable that the United States would launch missile strikes against Syria, but just one short week later, things have changed significantly. While it’s futile to predict what will happen today, tomorrow or next week, we know that gold and silver have stood the test of time for thousands of years. So we ask: If you could only bet on just ONE way to store your wealth for the future, why wouldn’t it be precious metals?

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