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Last Monday former Federal Reserve official Andrew Huszar wrote an astonishing mea culpa in the Wall Street Journal regarding his role in implementing and managing Quantitative Easing. He apologized to America and confessed that QE, though sold to the public as help for Main Street, has really been “the greatest backdoor bailout of Wall Street […]

Last week it was inevitable that the United States would launch missile strikes against Syria, but just one short week later, things have changed significantly. While it’s futile to predict what will happen today, tomorrow or next week, we know that gold and silver have stood the test of time for thousands of years. So we ask: If you could only bet on just ONE way to store your wealth for the future, why wouldn’t it be precious metals?

On the heels of the Fed’s announcement of QE3, Morgan Stanley is already predicting a fresh round of quantitative easing to be thrust on top of the $40 billion to enter the economy each month. What does it mean for your investments? And for gold and silver?