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JP Morgan’s outlook for gold in 2018 is markedly positive, especially in the second half of the year. Find out what they believe will drive gold higher in this week’s News to Know.

Inch by inch, our government and private banks are taking steps to limit our ability to use cash. What are the potential implications, and how may that affect you? Find out right here.

With the U.S. Government pulling these two critical safety nets for the economy, the writing on the wall for yet another crash seems far too apparent. Read more to discover what’s at hand.

Once a week, every week, Your News to Know brings you newsworthy stories and critical reads on the gold market and the economy. Stories this week include China’s insatiable demand for gold continues, Turkey’s citizens are hoarding gold as protection against their currency, and a 2015 outlook for silver.

Imagine if your bank began to charge you for the “privilege” of depositing your money with them. Would you still keep your cash in your account? This may sound like a surprising question to pose (and a no-brainer to answer) but the reality is that we may soon need to consider just that scenario. Find out the advice that big banks are starting to offer to some of their largest clients, and the changes that could soon be in store for all of us.

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