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Last week we covered the basics. This week, we take you further into the Federal Reserve’s controversial program of QE to help you understand how it impacts you: How have low interest rates affected what you pay at the pump and grocery store? How might that influence the price of gold? And the biggest question of all: What happens if the Fed fully ceases its money-printing program? Get the answers to these important questions here.

Predicting business trends is dangerous, particularly on the Internet and particularly when you put a time frame on it. So although it doesn’t come as a surprise to us, even we wouldn’t have put such a bearish call on the recent jobs numbers that came out for December last week. Sure, we knew the numbers […]

It continues: Wall Street will receive its full aid of $85 billion worth of liquidity each month. So declared the Federal Reserve after its Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting last week, citing an economy that is still recovering too “moderately” to introduce any changes right now. The hints continue that a taper in its […]

The Dow Jones dropped over 200 points on Friday. Weeks from now, we may look back on this as nothing more than a blip on the radar, or perhaps as the beginning of the end. No matter what the case, what truly left some traders “abuzz” on the day was the phenomenon that occurred: the “Hindenburg Omen”.