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Each week we give you news pertinent to the activity of the gold market and ultimately our greater economic well-being. This week, conflicts in Eastern Ukraine and Israel-Palestine are emphasizing the role of gold as a safe haven investment. American financial policy is forcing foreign individuals away from the dollar and into gold. Finally, the overdue gold price reform is searching for a 3rd party to administer the price fix. Here are this week’s headlines.

Every week we bring you relevant news concerning the precious metals market and the overall economy. For this week’s news, gold defies financial forecasts and continues to rise in price. Gold experts from across the globe are convening to reform the gold-pricing benchmark to achieve transparency. Finally, gold expert Jeff Nichols projects a positive future for gold. Here are this week’s headlines.

Each week we bring you news involving the precious metals market and the greater economy. For this week’s news, reports of rising inflation have some analysts calling for a greater price of gold in the near future. We also bring you five practical and fiscally responsible reasons to own gold in this economic atmosphere. Finally, why do the current financial conditions beg for a re-adoption of the gold standard? Learn more here.