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A longstanding titan of the American economy, today, GE is clamoring to shed its debt, in part by cutting the pensions of its prior employees. As corporate pensions continue to disappear, we look at the landscape of defined benefit programs in the United States, where they are heading, and what you can do as an alternative.

As the bull market in stocks powers through its record-breaking eleventh year, pension funds still find themselves woefully underfunded, leaving them dangerously exposed to the inevitable correction in stocks. Now, some authorities are espousing a controversial plan to rescue the pensions when it will be necessary. But will it do more harm than good?

In the face of the European Central Bank sending interest rates further negative, many in the US are calling for the same negative rates from the Federal Reserve. However, while that may provide some temporary stimulus for the economy, it could prove to be extremely problematic for pensions. Find out why here.