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As the bull market in stocks powers through its record-breaking eleventh year, pension funds still find themselves woefully underfunded, leaving them dangerously exposed to the inevitable correction in stocks. Now, some authorities are espousing a controversial plan to rescue the pensions when it will be necessary. But will it do more harm than good?

After the pain of the Great Recession, measures were supposed to have been put into place to prevent history from repeating itself. Yet at a recent meeting in Washington, Trump Administration officials warned that the housing finance system may be “worse off today” than before 2008. Could we be on the verge of yet another massive downturn? Here’s what has officials so concerned.

The central figure of the film “The Big Short”, the man who correctly predicted the crash that led to the Great Recession, sees a new crash looming on the horizon. As he sounds the warning alarm, it’s being echoed by Alan Greenspan. See what they’re so concerned about, and what you can do to secure yourself from the crash that may be coming.