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With Social Security’s future in question, and with the federal debt soaring – increasing over $1 trillion in just the past three months – Congress is proposing a solution that could kill the two birds with one stone. But might their “fix” do more harm than good? Here’s how it could all backfire.

As if saving for retirement didn’t come with enough challenges, the threat of a cyberattack on your nest egg is now emerging as a serious consideration for anyone with an IRA or 401(k). Read here how your account could be at risk, and what you can do to protect your savings.

While it only directly affects teachers in one state, Texas House Bill 2820 sheds light on some of the retirement industry’s sneaky tactics to chisel away at your nest egg. Worse yet, it’s currently happening within the 401(k)’s of millions of Americans. See how you can take control of your retirement here.

Our representatives in Washington have identified an issue with legislation related to Social Security, and think that they have the fix that’s necessary. But with Social Security being so critical for millions of Americans, and with Congress’ dismal track record of applying “fixes”, could this be a warning sign that it’s time for you to take full control of the future security of your retirement?

In the face of the European Central Bank sending interest rates further negative, many in the US are calling for the same negative rates from the Federal Reserve. However, while that may provide some temporary stimulus for the economy, it could prove to be extremely problematic for pensions. Find out why here.

After the pain of the Great Recession, measures were supposed to have been put into place to prevent history from repeating itself. Yet at a recent meeting in Washington, Trump Administration officials warned that the housing finance system may be “worse off today” than before 2008. Could we be on the verge of yet another massive downturn? Here’s what has officials so concerned.

As you prepare for retirement, there are countless factors to take into consideration, such as expected inflation, what you can expect from Social Security and where you think your investments will be headed. Now, many Americans are finding a recent surge in health costs as yet another obstacle. Here are the challenges that they’re facing, and what can be done about it.