01 Mar 2021

Shaun Djie of Digix explains that both gold and bitcoin are valued by investors seeking protection against inflation, and that neither is likely to displace the other. Gold is more liquid and has a larger role in the global monetary system. But the real difference between gold and bitcoin has to do with the types of savers who choose them…

01 Jun 2018
economic blind spot to affect gold

Recent trade sanctions against Iran might be the last straw for countries who’ve tolerated U.S. protectionist policies that maintain the dollar’s dominance as central reserve currency. Here are the potential consequences to follow.

29 Apr 2019
fed to test 2018 highs

According to a precious metals analyst at Standard Chartered, gold is set to end the year on a positive note. See why it's expected to test 2018 highs in this week's News to Know.

01 Apr 2019
fed interest rate u turn

The Federal Reserve shot down market expectations when they announced there will probably be no interest rate hikes this year. See why this could be highly bullish for gold in this week's News to Know.

18 Feb 2019
gold as global currency

The focus on gold has been intense as of late and Sprott CEO Peter Grosskopf sees the metal eventually returning to its status as a true global currency. Find out why in this week's News to Know.

11 Feb 2019

Central Banks Buy Most Gold in Decades

central banks gold

With gold riding a nine-month high and posting gains for the fourth straight month, many analysts have focused on how the metal has outperformed virtually every other asset. Yet to Forbes contributor Frank Holmes, recent buying by central banks is perhaps the most sensational story related to the metal. Find out why in this week's Your News to Know.

17 Dec 2018
portfolio theory suggests gold

According to portfolio theory, passing up gold for riskier assets could be dangerous. See why the yellow metal should be considered a part of your portfolio in this week's News to Know.