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The conflict with North Korea has been a major force behind gold’s rally and even recently helped the metal breach the $1,360 mark, its highest level in over a year. See how this geopolitical risk could further help gold in this week’s News to Know.

The vast majority of recent S&P gains are tied to just 1% of stocks in the index, and while those stocks get pumped higher and higher, the rest of the S&P is suffering. This troubling imbalance in the index could be a warning of approaching trouble in the broader market.

Yet again the stock market showed us some extreme wobbles last week. On Wednesday, we saw a rally on the news that the Federal Reserve Board unanimously approved a more open-ended policy towards low interest rates and accommodative maneuvers. Previously, the Fed had certain benchmarks and targets that would trigger rate increases and tightening – […]

Business news is awash with optimism about the “encouraging” jobs numbers that were released last Friday, indicating yet again that the recovery is real and the economy is strengthening. But is it? Is it really? The possibility makes the stock market a little nervous because many take seriously the Federal Reserve’s threat to taper Quantitative […]

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