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In recent years, there have been organized efforts across the country to pass laws recognizing gold and silver as money. While no success on the national level, one state was recently able to get a legal tender law passed, making gold and silver legal forms of money in this state.

Chinese gold consumption continues to explode, now passing monthly averages. What does this mean for the future of the metal? Find out here. This week, Your News to Know brings you the latest news stories about the gold market and the overall economy. Stories include: Chinese gold demand soon to pass full year record, 4 […]

Following in the footsteps of Utah, Kansas and Texas, Oklahoma recently passed a law to allow gold as legal tender, which has led some to believe that the U.S. is slowly moving towards the gold standard. How would that work? And is it even realistic? How would you even use gold in place of the U.S. dollar? It’s a fascinating topic with no right or wrong answers. In this Market Report, Will Hart and Jake Kennedy give their take on these questions. Pay special attention to the enlightening example that’s taking place in Ukraine today.

Each week, we bring you news and top stories about gold, precious metals and the economy. This week, a mining exec says he expects gold to hit $5,000. Also, Moscow has been hoarding gold this year as fast as it can get its hands on it, and now Russia on its way to become 2nd largest gold producer. Oklahoma, Utah, Texas, and Louisiana might be joined by other states in accepting gold and silver as hard money.

No one can predict the future. The Central Banks can’t. The “experts” in the media can’t. We can’t. But what history has proven is that paper currencies and paper assets can be worth no more than the paper they’re printed on. Gold and silver are real, tangible assets that WILL ALWAYS HOLD VALUE. Central Banks know it. The “experts” know it. (Even if they don’t always admit it.) We know it. You know it too.