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An impending decision from the G20, slated to be announced on November 16, may turn your bank deposits into a risky investment. New rules for banks “will shift the burden of a bank bailout away from taxpayers to investors who own the banks or lend them funds.” Those people who lend funds? That’s you and me. Find out the full story here.

Is the economy addicted to stimulus? How can we protect ourselves from government policies and market volatility with gold? The Federal Reserve is preparing to end its third round of bond buying next week. In this edition of the Market Report, Precious Metal Specialists Will Hart and Jake Kennedy discuss Quantitative Easing, inflation, dollar devaluation, and gold as a safe haven asset. Listen to the full report here.

It’s been another roller-coaster ride for the markets this week. Stocks in the United States and Europe tumbled on Wednesday, as investors are scratching their heads over what to do with their money in light of all the signs of a faltering global economy. Concerns over slumping global economy and weak stocks have been pushing investors to safe havens like gold and government bonds, as markets remain highly volatile. Follow the link to explore in detail.

Paper gold refers to certificates that may or may not be backed by the real thing, while physical gold is gold that you physically posses in the form of coins and bars. In this edition of the Market Report, Gold Specialists Will Hart and Jake Kennedy answer common questions about physical versus paper gold: Why own physical gold and not paper gold? Isn’t it a hassle to store and sell physical precious metals? And what are the advantages of owning physical gold? Listen to the entire report here.

The Fed insists inflation is under control. Is it really? According to Financial Times, the cost of the most important meal of the day rose 24% year to date, with coffee being the biggest gainer going up over 70%. In this edition of the Market Report, Will Hart and Jake Kennedy tell us why we should be worried about inflation, even though the Fed says it’s all fine and dandy. Get all the facts here.