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Forbes contributor Frank Holmes sees a host of tailwinds for gold’s recent surge in price. However, there are two in particular that has caught his eye, and that he believes will drive the yellow metal all the way to $10,000 in the coming years. See what they are here.

The central figure of the film “The Big Short”, the man who correctly predicted the crash that led to the Great Recession, sees a new crash looming on the horizon. As he sounds the warning alarm, it’s being echoed by Alan Greenspan. See what they’re so concerned about, and what you can do to secure yourself from the crash that may be coming.

Gold is typically seen as only a safe-haven store of wealth, but Frank Holmes says the view of gold as an under-performer is wholly erroneous. See how gold became the second-best performing asset since 1999 in this week’s News to Know.

According to Westpac, gold is looking at a period of sustained gains that will bring it to multi-year highs. See why their global head of market strategy says gold could reach $1,480 by 2020 in this week’s News to Know.