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When financial experts talk about the U.S. national debt, do your eyes glaze over? You may want to drink some coffee and pay attention, since the consequences of the national debt are unavoidable for investors. (You can ignore politics, but the government’s economic policies won’t ignore you.) A new “debt solution” is being seriously considered […]

The U.S. national debt has increased by $1.186 trillion since Congress suspended the debt ceiling back in September. This amounts to a troubling 6% increase, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

The pension crisis has gotten so bad that U.S. politicians are now proposing legislation to solve the problems facing private pensions. But the “solution” they’re offering could make things even worse.

Recently released financial disclosure forms show that Trump’s top trade adviser could be setting himself up for a handsome payday if U.S. Treasury Bonds collapse. Here’s a closer look at an unholy marriage of government corruption and insider trading.

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