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The vast majority of recent S&P gains are tied to just 1% of stocks in the index, and while those stocks get pumped higher and higher, the rest of the S&P is suffering. This troubling imbalance in the index could be a warning of approaching trouble in the broader market.

Forbes’ contributors Olivier Garret and Stephen McBride believe that there are many good reasons why gold could be a sound part of anyone’s savings. See what their five most notable reasons are in this week’s News to Know.

July 1 and the implementation of FATCA have come and gone, and those who had predicted an immediate crash of the dollar have been proven wrong. And now, we have some who are calling for the stock market to crash as well. After all, stocks are at an all-time high, and even the “Warren Buffett Indicator” is on sell-alert status. Is there any merit to these predictions? Can we believe them given that so many were wrong on the dollar and FATCA? And where do precious metals fit into any of this? Vince Miller and Will Hart break it all down for you in this week’s Market Report.