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With our representatives in Washington willfully allowing the dollar to decline on the international stage, might the Chinese Yuan become the next global reserve currency? It’s more possible than you may think. Find out how it may all happen.

Besides retaliating with more sanctions against the E.U. and the U.S., the Russians have been one of the world’s biggest buyers of gold this year. Russia is also unloading U.S. dollars and euros and slowly but surely moving forward with its pet project: the Eurasian Union. Get all the details here.

This past week, all attention was on Syria. Whether it was in Washington, at the G20 summit or on a cable news network, debate raged about whether the United States should take military action, and if so, what exactly that action should be. It’s a critical story to follow, one that will have massive ramifications for our country and the rest of the world. But with all eyes on Syria, three critical events have flown under the radar. These demand your attention…