Why physical precious metals?

The dollar’s declining purchasing power

A $100 bill printed on January 1, 2000 has lost nearly half its purchasing power over the last two decades. Just “saving money” is no longer enough to ensure your financial stability.


The federal government’s debt burden is the greatest in history

The dollar’s role in global commerce is on the decline, but the federal government relies on foreign dollar buyers to finance our $32+ trillion debt. National debt alone rose 472% since 2000 – and right now, the cost of financing that debt is surging…

In the past, increases in deficits and the debt were associated with temporary or one-time episodes, such as war or economic downturns. Now, deficits are business as usual thanks to the government’s addiction to spending.

This is not a sustainable situation. If this trend continues, by 2028 the federal government will spend more on interest payments than on defense.


Gold’s proven track record since the beginning of the Covid panic

Gold has served as a safe haven and a store of value since the beginning of the Covid panic

Gold has a historic reputation as a safe haven asset that offers shelter during times of crisis. Then, when the crisis passes, gold’s long-term reliability as a store of value continues to deliver results.


Gold delivers long-term value

Gold has delivered an average annual return of 9.68% since 2002, outperforming other key asset classes

Most people think of gold as a hedge against inflation, rather than a growth asset. A simple look at recent history demonstrates that gold has delivered a significant average annual return since 2003, outperforming most so-called “inflation hedges.”


Global central bank gold at all-time highs

Chart of annual central bank gold buying, 1971-2022

Globally, central banks have added to their gold reserves for 13 straight years. Total central bank gold buying in 2022 to 1,136 tons – the highest level of net purchases on record (dating back to 1950, the year record-keeping began). The World Gold Council polled central bankers and learned that they buy gold for many of the same reasons individuals do:

  • Performance during times of crisis
  • Long-term store of value/inflation hedge
  • No default risk
  • Effective portfolio diversification